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Fill The Reception Room With Laughter
With Your Witty and Tasteful Wedding MC Jokes

Dear Wedding MC…

Wedding MC Jokes are the perfect way to entertain the guests.

As Master of Ceremonies you’ll be expected to keep the reception running smoothly. And one of those ways will be to tell jokes.

If you haven’t already realized it, you’re not only a speaker but you’re also an entertainer.

That’s why it’s essential that you have a collection of funny Wedding MC Jokes (affiliate link) on hand throughout the reception.

But it’s not just enough to have jokes on hand.

You also need to know how to deliver them to get a laugh.

And that’s why this collection of funny Wedding MC Jokes is different.

How To Present Your Jokes
For Maximum Impact

This collection of jokes has been compiled by two comedians who have been Wedding MC’s themselves. So they not only know what you need to do as an MC, they also know what to say to get laughs.

But they also know that many MC’s at a reception aren’t stand-up comedians. And some people (including myself) can’t tell a joke if their life depended upon it.

That’s why these comedians have included specific instructions on how to tell many of the jokes.

Now, I think you’ll agree that’s very important. Because, as you know, timing really is everything when it comes to telling a joke. Miss a beat, forget the punch line, or skip a crucial part of the joke…and what happens? It falls flat. Embarrassingly flat.

But tell a joke correctly, and it can have the guests roaring with laughter.

And there’s no sweeter music to your ears than hearing people laughing at your jokes, is there?

Let me tell you what you get in this collection of funny and tasteful Wedding MC Jokes (affiliate link)…

The main collection is

60 Tasteful and Funny Wedding MC Jokes and One Liners…

…that will entertain and delight the guests and leave them wanting more.

You’ll get wedding jokescouples jokesbride jokesgroom jokesfunny one liners…and more.

And the best thing is that these jokes are not only funny, they’re tasteful and appropriate for a reception so you won’t look like a fool…and you won’t offend or embarrass the bride or groom or the guests.

After all, you don’t want to be known as the MC who ruined the bride and groom’s perfect day with inappropriate jokes.

But that’s not all.

You’ll also get…

21 Additional Funny Wedding MC Jokes and One Liners…

…with specific instructions for telling many of them for maximum impact.

And there’s even more…

Because these comedians have been MC’s themselves, they’re familiar with the reception agenda. So they not only give you Wedding MC Jokes (and how to tell many of them for maximum effect) but they also give you suggestions on where to place them in the agenda.

So when there’s a lull or gap in the program – when you’re waiting for someone to come to the microphone or you want to liven up the party atmosphere – you can keep the guests entertained.

You’ll be able to “kick up” the introductions of members of the bridal party – including the Best Man and the Bride and Groom’s parents – using humor.

You’ll be able to introduce the speakers with a funny remark to heighten the anticipation of each speech.

You’ll be able to use jokes from 6 key categories – from the bride and groom to the parents and grandparents – as well as one-liners throughout the reception.

You’ll get suggestions on where to use these jokes throughout the reception.

ADDED BONUS: More Than MC Jokes

This Wedding MC Joke package is more than just MC Jokes and one-liners.

You’ll also get…

An MC Checklist to ensure you don’t forget important details

A Reception Planning Guide to help you organize the reception’s agenda

A list of fun alternatives to the traditional Glass Clinking (for the bride and groom’s kisses)

Ways to introduce the usually dull and boring announcements with humor that puts the guests at ease so they’ll enjoy the program

And much more.

If you want the reception to be a resounding success then having a collection of Wedding MC Jokes on hand is essential.

Funny one-liners…funny quotes…clean wedding jokes…marriage jokes…are all part of the successful MC’s toolkit at the reception.

So go ahead and make your reception fun and entertaining.

Take a moment to check out this collection of Wedding MC Jokes (affiliate link) and boost your confidence as Master of Ceremonies.

~ The Wedding Speaker ~

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P.S. UPDATE: 20 ADDITIONAL Jokes were added in 2009. Now the Wedding MC Jokebook has 101 funny, clean, Wedding MC Jokes! You have an even GREATER selection of funny wedding jokes to choose from!

Click on the following link for 101 clean and funny Wedding MC Jokes… (affiliate link)

Wedding MC Jokes Package

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